Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Floating Dock

Back in December we were asked to capture (film/images) the arrival and unloading of this massive floating dock off Garden Island for .  The weather wasn’t the best with patchy rain,  overcast skies and at 7am it was a little bit cold as well.  This floating dock will be based at the Marine complex in Henderson where it can be filled with water, lowered below the water level so ships/submarines can just drive onto it and then it will be raised leaving them high and dry so maintenance can carried out on them.

All up it took about an hour where we managed to take about 700 images.   

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2 Responses to “Floating Dock”

  1. Hi Colin,
    Very interesting images. My father and brother have been part of the boat industry for many decades ion perth. These shots where of great interest when shown to them.
    My brother has sent me some interesting images which I have posted on my blog from his travels over seas, he has left Austal ships and is now 2nd captain of the Indian Princess.
    Have a look some time
    Cheers Adrian

  2. Hi Adrian,
    That Indian Princess is a nice yacht, $300,000 a week is a bargain! We’ve done some great boat photoshoot’s in the last few year’s but the floating dock was huge. I did take a look at those underwater shot’s yesterday.