Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Secret Hideaway

This is another shot that not many people have seen. We couldn’t beleive these seals and bird’s have their own little protected spot within swimming distance off the coast of Perth.  This is still one of our favourite photos and no, I’m not saying where this is.  

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4 Responses to “Secret Hideaway”

  1. Mmmm, swimming distance, I wouldnt be swimming off the coast at this location, your next post will be of a massive white pointer doing laps around this rocky out crop!

  2. Good point Adrian,
    I do have a recent shot of a hammerhead swimming near surfer’s though!

  3. Post it.
    By the way how did you get to work with Red Bull.
    Sounds quite amazing !

  4. Adrian, Red Bull had seen my website and made a call – simple as that, I think! You never know nowaday’s, someone might have put a good word in for me. One thing though, a website is essential.
    It’s just a shark pic, not worthy to be posted yet.