Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Gnaraloo Whale’s

We try to get up to Gnaraloo around September/October each year for some windsurfing which is about the same time the whale’s migrate past, travelling  at time’s within 100m. of the coast.  Most day’s you’ll see some whale’s going past with the most I’ve seen in one day being about 50.  

On this day I was just taking some photos of friend’s windsurfing when this one whale starting jumping quite close to one person.  I ran off this sequence but afterward’s couldn’t find who this person was.   Over the year’s I showed these photo’s to a lot of people but nobody knew who it was and I started to find myself more eager to find this person.

Well, about 5 month’s ago somebody thought they knew who it was and after showing the photos we finally tracked down the guy. He was an Italian tourist and luckily he was back in Perth so the negative’s were scanned and Sparitico got his photo’s.

These were pre-digital for me so it was the Eos-3 and print film – I alway’s used slide film but at this time I was getting rid of some old print film so am still a little annoyed it wasn’t slide but a happy ending after all.        

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