Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia


We spent a few days up at Gnaraloo¬† last week and couldn’t beleive the increase in whale numbers over the years, you used to see about 10 whales a day there but this time it must have been closer to 70-80 a day.¬† Also managed to get some rare cloud cover up there so took a few landcsape shots as well.

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2 Responses to “Gnaraloo”

  1. Awesome images, the wind mill with the star trails is sepctacular cheers Adrian

  2. The startrail was my backup shot, had the 1D and 24mm tse set-up in the prime spot with lighting but it just didn’t happen. 10m away was the 7d with a 15mm fisheye as a back-up, so I used that one instead?