Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Perth Timelapse

Timelapse.  This is a timelapse of about 5,000 images from several sunsets/sunrises in Perth over the last week, shot on the 7D using the 70-200mm2.8is and 24mm tilt/shift lens.


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8 Responses to “Perth Timelapse”

  1. Hey Col,

    I just love the way those clouds right at the very end seemed to be just pulsating full of colour.

    Great capture mate.

  2. Jamie,
    yep, certainly is interesting – I now know why some landscape shots have that dark band across the top of the image. I always thought it was the ND grad filters doing it. By the way – 1sec. = 1 minute.

  3. [...] I was lucky enough to be out and about like Markie Mark and Col of Birds Eye View Photography were on Saturday evening and managed to grab a few shots of the awesome sunset.   What a sunset [...]

  4. Great stuff

  5. Thanks Andrew – the downside to timelapse is birds flying through the shot. They have to be removed cause they look like flickering black dots, had to remove about 3000 birds out of 600 frames in the 2nd scene.

  6. Thats even more impressive…..must have the patience of a saint…

  7. great stuff! Choice music too!

  8. Thanks Dan.