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Run to Rottnest

I recieved a call from Paul of  at about 7am yesterday morning saying how perfect it was on the ocean and wanting to know if I wanted to spend the day at Rottnest, and I had 1 hour to get to fishing boat harbour in Fremantle!  Shot mostly video using the new Canon 7D  and will have some stills up tomorrow but really wanted to try out the 7D first, shooting from the back of a boat was near on impossible but at least managed to get a few second’s of footage. Well, here’s the video and the rest of the story tomorrow with the stills.   


PRA Rottnest Island Run from Colin Leonhardt on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to “Run to Rottnest”

  1. Good footage colin will be good to see some more. new 7D works well.

  2. Hi Brendan,
    That’s about all the footage there was, the boat is just too bouncy – for boat footage a nice smooth and glassy day on the river is the go.