Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Hillary’s Boat Harbour

I took this image of Hillary’s Boat Harbour back in March but have only just added it to the website this week - there was some great cloud around that week and I’d been to Hillary’s   3 night’s in a row but the sunset never really happened so I made one more trip and ended up getting one of the most intense sunset’s I’d seen.

What’s funny though is I set up in a secluded spot with no one around and then two children came along and sat right in front of me, they sat there for 15 min. so I packed up and went back to my car. From my car I could see them leave straight away so I go back and set up again, you guessed it, they come back and sit right in front again. I didn’t move but they eventually left about 5 min. before this shot – which was a 5 image stitch.         

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