Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

“Sailing Away”

Every now and then thing’s happen in life that stretch the meaning of coincidence’s, for me this is one of those – again! 

Last weekend while I was up at Lancelin I parked next to this car that happened to be an old friend of mine from 15-20 years ago, hadn’t seen him once  during that time – anyway he was telling me about his yacht and how he sometimes cruises up the coast etc.  So the next day while we were out we could see this yacht off Swanbourne and as we do, went to have a closer look and it was Lionel again – don’t see him for almost 20 years then twice in two day’s!  They now have some great shots of their boat.   

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2 Responses to ““Sailing Away””

  1. Couple of really sweet shoots there Colin. What lens where you using for the first image as that is really nice close in view of the boat …. Great colors that water looks so inviting …

  2. Hi Neil,
    My favourite lens of course! 70-200 2.8is The hi-res version is pretty good, so cool being able to zoom in on thing’s. The dog is looking right at us with caution in some frames, love to know what they think.