Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

Mandurah Boat Show Run.

Yesterday was the Mandurah Boat Show Run organised by . It didn’t look too promising early in the morning but once again the sun came out so everyone departed from Fremantle Boat Harbour for the run down to Mandurah at about 11am.   It was a little rough in part’s but at least we got some good shot’s of the boat’s out of the water in those section’s.

Once we arrived in Mandurah it was off to the Catch 22 restaurant for lunch and drink’s followed by a walk around the Mandurah Boat Show.  Once again it was another great event run by PRA but I had to get back to Perth so I left about 5pm where as everyone else stayed the night in Mandurah and were due to travel back on Sunday.          


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