Birdseye View Photography, Perth Western Australia

2009 Fremantle to Mandurah Poker Run

There’s a great event held off the coast of Perth each year called the Fremantle to Mandurah Poker Run, an event for power boats that start’s at Fremantle, heads out to Garden Island, back to Henderson, down to Rockingham, under the Garden Island causeway bridge and then onto Mandurah. Each year we provide the image capture (stills & video) which this year took almost 3 hours.

This is a short promo video we’ve had done to showcase this event and future events has coming up.

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2 Responses to “2009 Fremantle to Mandurah Poker Run”

  1. Colin this was awesome to watch, still watching it now, how much fun would that be, not sure what would be better, in the air or on the water

  2. Hi Adrian,
    Yep, it’s a great clip and great event! Even though they’ve taken me out on these boats (too fast for me) I think the best view is the pilot’s, having a camera in your face doesn’t give you the opportunity to really enjoy it.
    You’ve been getting some good pics lately I’ve noticed, water reflections are one of favourite images to capture.