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Andrew Davey Real Estate Dishonesty!

What’s it like dealing with Andrew Davey of Davey Real Estate after discovering he has been using your image for one of their adds and not paying.  Well it took him 7 weeks to reply to my first message then he claims that the Facebook page where the add appears is not theirs even though it has Davey Real Estate all over it, plus the add is not theirs even though it has Davey printed all over it. Then he gives me the contact details of a third party  and tells me not to contact him again.  When I explained that legally he is responsible for the add and their Facebook page he then backtracks and says yes, he his responsible!  He then has the  arrogance to tell me I’m not allowed to charge what I want for my images and he will tell me what my photos are worth. Been 9 weeks now and payment still hasn’t been made!  His contact details are ph. 0411 110 777    email.   [email protected]

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